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Who We Are

Horizon Secure Private Limited (HSPL) is a renowned organization in the communication and security industry, offering a complete range of products and services catering to practically every security need irrespective of the size of the need.

The Chennai-based company was floated in 2003 originally in the name of Telecomm Technologies, offering solutions in the field of telecommunication products all over south India. The company was the initiative of a team of young and vibrant entrepreneurs, fired with the determination to make a significant mark in the industry. The promoters are technically qualified in the line with experience of twenty years in the industry. It is this experience that provided the customer-orientation that is so crucial in this area.

Even at the launch of the company, it was decided that the best way to succeed was innovation because new challenges keep cropping up day by day. The unsocial elements who pose a threat to society are innovative too! Further, new challenges also keep emerging. So the trick is to stay one-up on them with fresh ideas and deploy updated technologies to ensure that security is never compromised. Since communication and security go hand-in-hand, HSPL works in tandem in both these sectors to provide end to end services that go with client expectations of total reliability, cost-effectiveness, quality, service and value for money. HSPL provides reliable, advanced and cost-effective methodologies to communicate and transmit information in the form of voice or data, whether the application is for private, public, or corporate users who desire to achieve optimized integration of collaterals within their organizational network.